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Little League

Throwing sessions this week






WED  4/16


Gym Aquila Elementary Susan Lindgren

Aquila Elementary

6-6:45 Travel 12-15 Travel 12-15 Travel 12-15
6:45-7:15 LL Majors & AAA LL Majors & AAA AAALL Majors & AAA
7:15 -8pm LL 9-11 LL 9-11 LL 9-11


AA Teams (formerly minors)

Expect to hear from your Coach by Thursday April 17th 

Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Mike Kellen Chapuran ideapark
Asst Tim franklin sellner ideapark
Asst Sage Miles Rider ideapark
Asst Jeff Marty Keller ideapark
  Ashton Hartman ideapark
  Andrew Smith ideapark
  Brennan George ideapark
  Peter Schaehrer ideapark
  Thomas Elias ideapark
  David Ramberg ideapark
  Abe Pergament ideapark
  Graeme Vander Meulen ideapark
  Evangelos Koronaios ideapark
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Todd Teddy Dahlin Sports Authority
Asst Joe Lucio Bollettieri Sports Authority
Asst Jeff sam peters Sports Authority
  Will Sheehan Sports Authority
  Ben Burnett Sports Authority
  Henry Bendickson Sports Authority
  Tommy Hiemenz Sports Authority
  Will Gednalske Sports Authority
  Theo Pohlen Sports Authority
  Zach Anderson Sports Authority
  Joshua Segal Sports Authority
  Charlie Allen Sports Authority
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Steve Henry Harper St. Mane's Sports
Asst Tim Zachariah Johnson St. Mane's Sports
Asst Gino Stefano Giovannelli St. Mane's Sports
  Bryson Huntley St. Mane's Sports
  Colten Nowak St. Mane's Sports
  Mikal Andrews St. Mane's Sports
  Owen Winecoff St. Mane's Sports
  Darryl Kemp St. Mane's Sports
  Jason Jensen St. Mane's Sports
  Gabriel Carlson St. Mane's Sports
  Isaac Ibura St. Mane's Sports
  Theodore Thalhuber St. Mane's Sports
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Brian Peter McBride Stutsman Realty
Asst Tom William Stutsman Stutsman Realty
Asst Rob Frankie Robello Stutsman Realty
  Isaac Israel Stutsman Realty
  Quentin Solheim Stutsman Realty
  Oliver Pohlad Stutsman Realty
  Evan Rosvold Stutsman Realty
  Trevor Piehl Stutsman Realty
  Thomas Hanson Stutsman Realty
  Aidan Kimberley Stutsman Realty
  Benjamin Katzovitz Stutsman Realty
  Shimon Silverberg Stutsman Realty
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Jeb Tait Myers Red Leaf Design
Asst Mark Phillip Hirte Red Leaf Design
Asst Joel Charlie Odens Red Leaf Design
Asst Joe Jacob Favour Red Leaf Design
  Joshua Middleton Red Leaf Design
  Isaac Daugherty Red Leaf Design
  Tobias Khabie Red Leaf Design
  Brady Truett Red Leaf Design
  William Silton Red Leaf Design
  Aidan Riley Red Leaf Design
  Nicholas Ostby Red Leaf Design
  Asher Danicic Red Leaf Design
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Jim Charlie Poulter Linsk Flowers
Asst Scott Samuel Swisher Linsk Flowers
Asst Don Davis Bye Linsk Flowers
Asst Barry Ryan Fitzpatrick Linsk Flowers
  Isaac Cantor Linsk Flowers
  Andrew Yakes Linsk Flowers
  Theodore Madden Linsk Flowers
  Orrin Slager Linsk Flowers
  Oliver Christopher Linsk Flowers
  Harris deNeui Linsk Flowers
  Shabsie Borenstein Linsk Flowers
  Rodger Lalime Linsk Flowers
  Clara DeForge Linsk Flowers
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC David Rocco Serrano Fahrvergnügen
Asst Jeff Isaiah Klepfer Fahrvergnügen
Asst Gary SR. Gary Hitt. III Fahrvergnügen
Asst Chris Zach Helfmann Fahrvergnügen
  Thomas Moot Fahrvergnügen
  Sam Hauer Fahrvergnügen
  Ezra Bader Fahrvergnügen
  Wynne Allen Fahrvergnügen
  Ezekiel Oppegaard Fahrvergnügen
  Cole Kaupang Fahrvergnügen
  Luke Walsh Fahrvergnügen
  John Truelson Fahrvergnügen
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Sam Oliver Smith Rotary
  Michael Rekas Rotary
Asst Mike Jack Thyne Rotary
Asst Joel Erik Axel Abrahamson Rotary
Asst Grant Carter Strom Rotary
  Joshua Paskoff Rotary
  Henry Eaton Rotary
  Fysher Rowan Rotary
  Joseph Falzone Rotary
  Joseph Murnan Rotary
  Jonah Lundeen Rotary
  Jonathon Draheim Rotary
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Jedd Cole Taylor Burger Jones
Asst Tim Mason Amelse Burger Jones
Asst Michael Clark Brousseau Burger Jones
  Connor Coleman Burger Jones
  Quinn Murphy Burger Jones
  Christian Arteaga Burger Jones
  Trey Haller Burger Jones
  John Barrow Burger Jones
  Thomas Boesche Burger Jones
  Cameron Delorme Burger Jones
  Jude Wickberg Burger Jones
  Chaim Shneur Goldberg Burger Jones
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast AA Team
HC Matt Danny Walsh Judith McGrann
Asst Trent Samuel Steffy Judith McGrann
Asst Chris Elijah Puchner Judith McGrann
  Murphy Lawrence Judith McGrann
  Heather Nussbaum Judith McGrann
  Carlitos Anguita-Smith Judith McGrann
  Sullivan Lawrence Judith McGrann
  Jack Hlavka Judith McGrann
  Benjamin Olson Judith McGrann
  Yitzi Fredman Judith McGrann
  Allan Kivel-Badillo Judith McGrann
  Charles Florine Judith McGrann
  Jarielyz Lopez Judith McGrann

AAA Teams (formerly nationals)

There are 4 AAA Teams. Full team rosters should be delivered to the head coaches late this week. Expect to hear from your head coach by next Monday, April 14th.  Thursday 4/17.  Until we begin using our outdoor fields practices, all activity will be organized by League Level (AAA)         (Revised 4/14)

Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast Team
HC Jeff Benjamin James Apple Automatic
Asst Tim Austin Amelse Apple Automatic
Asst Mark Jack Fredrickson Apple Automatic
Asst - Dan Charles Hower Apple Automatic
  Alejandro Aranda Apple Automatic
  Andrew Dennis Apple Automatic
  Bobby Doss Apple Automatic
  Willie Funk Apple Automatic
  Benjamin Lee Buccella Apple Automatic
  Adrian Merfeld Apple Automatic
  Stanley Regguinti Apple Automatic
  Justin Rutland Apple Automatic
  Zach Schacherer Apple Automatic
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast Team
HC Rob Torii Eberle Jiffy Car Wash
Asst Andy Juan Russy Jiffy Car Wash
Asst Greg Matthew Meredith Jiffy Car Wash
Asst Tom Matthew Wooden Jiffy Car Wash
  Benjamin Elias Jiffy Car Wash
  Ashton Hoffman Jiffy Car Wash
  David Klein Jiffy Car Wash
  Levi Kyllonen Jiffy Car Wash
  Dairion Lovely Jiffy Car Wash
  Ethan Schmitz Jiffy Car Wash
  Tony Stadler Jiffy Car Wash
  Alex Staib Jiffy Car Wash
a Eitan Weinstein Jiffy Car Wash
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast Team
HC - David Samuel Hellstrom Park Tavern
Asst Tom Charlie Nowak Park Tavern
Asst Matt Casey Prindiville Park Tavern
Asst Jeff Oliver Olson Park Tavern
Asst Ed Brady Walsh Park Tavern
  Mitchell Brown Park Tavern
  Nicholas Kent Park Tavern
  David Khabie Park Tavern
  Bennett Kouame Park Tavern
  Jack Olson Park Tavern
  Winton Petty Park Tavern
  Samuel Ruff Park Tavern
  Brandon Wetterlin Park Tavern
Coach PlayerFirst PlayerLast Team
HC Joel Henry Odens Piper Jaffray
Asst Brian Will Dvorak Piper Jaffray
Asst Joe Ethan Favour Piper Jaffray
Asst Matt Ben Farley Piper Jaffray
Asst Paul William Schoenecker Piper Jaffray
  Jackson Aune Piper Jaffray
  Joey Hall Piper Jaffray
  Jeffrey Hesteness Piper Jaffray
  Axel Hilario Piper Jaffray
  Nicholas Lanoux Piper Jaffray
  Sol Pergament Piper Jaffray
  Rakesh Plantz Piper Jaffray
  Thomas Tight Piper Jaffray 

Save the Date for Team Photos!

Please mark your calendars for team photos! Little League Majors, AAA and AA will take photos on Sunday, May 4 between 11am and 2:30pm. Rookie and Instructional League photos will be taken Sunday, May 18th between 11am and 2:30pm. All photo sessions will take place in the SLP High School Main Gym.

Specific timeslots for each team will be posted on the website in advance of picture day!

2014 Levels of Play (Little League)

2014 Level Pitching Age Range Interleague # Teams Key Ability Previously Competition
Majors Player Pitch 11-12 100% 2 Top Players Majors AL Hard Core
AAA Kid Pitch 10-11-12* waiver required 50% 4 Well-Rounded Majors NL Serious
AA Kid Pitch 8-9-10 10% 8 Arm Strength, Hitting Confidence Minors Balanced
A If necessary based on abilities shown in player evaluations
Rookie Machine Pitch 6-7-8 5% 8 Building Confidence AAA Developmental
Instructional Machine Pitch 5-7 0% 16 Beginners AA Fun

Little League Registration NOW OPEN!

Registration still open for kidsaged 5-8: CLICK HERE to begin your player registration!


Registration for kids 9-15 is closed. For more info: Contact Matt Farley

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