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Minors: Stealing & Base Running Guidelines for 2014

It's time to steal some bases! ( But only after May 31st)

Games played through May 31st: 

• No stealing
• No advancing on passed balls, wild pitches or overthrows.
Games played after May 31st: 
• Stealing: Runners may break after ball crosses the plate
• Passed balls: Baserunners may advance at their own risk
• Wild pitches: Baserunners may advance at their own risk
• Overthrows*: Baserunners may advance at their own risk
   (Overthrows may occur anytime the ball is "live" and in play, including return throws from the catcher to the pitcher.) 
(Terminology )
Passed Ball: A pitched ball near the strike zone that eludes the catcher. Error (PB) charged to the Catcher. 
Wild Pitch:  An errant pitch that the catcher cannot reasonably reach. Error (WP) charged to the Pitcher. 
Overthrows: Balls thrown between fielders after the ball is put in play and there is a "LIVE" situation. An overthrow is an error and may occur when the ball is thrown errantly or the fielder is not able to secure the thrown ball. An error may be credited to the player who has thrown the ball or the player receiving the ball - depending on the accuracy of the throw and the reasonable assumption that a on-target throw should be secured. 
Base Runner Advances at their own risk or Stealing? 
Advancing on a Passed Ball: The Base Runner may advance at their own risk. This is NOT a STEAL
Advancing on a Wild Pitch: The Base Runner may advance at their own risk. This is NOT a STEAL.
Advancing home from 3rd on a Passed Ball or Wild Pitch is NOT A STEAL. 


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