Q: What teams exist at each age level for post-season play?

A: Each kid pitch age group (9, 10, 11, and 12 year-olds) will field one All-Star team. The number of Select and Classic teams are determined by participation and can change from year to year.

Q: What are the expectations for the All Star team?

A: Players need to live in the SLP Little League boundary (see map below) or go to a public school in St. Louis Park and be fully available between July 1st and August 7th (excluding July 4th) for 9, 10 and 11 year old players and until the end of August for 12 year old players. Any exceptions must be identified and approved at the time of team selection by the SLP Little League president and kid pitch player agent. 

Teams playing in the All Star tournaments are highly skilled and competitive. Depending on the tournament, playing time may not be equal between players. Some tournaments only require minimum playing time which can be as low as one at bat.

Q: What are the expectations for the Select teams?

A: There are no boundary or school requirements to be considered for these levels. The number of teams fielded is based on interest and skill level. It is not required but it is ideal if players are available for some practice the first week of July. Players need to be available for play and practice between July 6 and July 19. Tournaments follow regular season rules; round robin batting (everyone hits), equitable bench time, and position rotation is highly encouraged but not required. 

Q: How does the league determine the number of Select teams vs Classic teams?

A: The number of Select and Classic teams depend on the number of players who are interested in post-season play. This year there are no Classic teams since there were not enough players to provide a robust experience.

Q: How are players chosen for the All Star and Select teams?

A: Teams are selected through a collaborative process with input from their coaches and other coaches in the league. We factor in the players pre- and mid-season evaluations and regular season statistics. Head coaches nominate players, and those players are voted on by the other head coaches at that age. Each player requires a majority vote of confidence to be placed on a team.

Q: What criteria are used for selection?

A: Hitting, pitching, fielding are the three primary areas of assessment, with intangibles being the fourth (including baseball awareness, attitude, etc.).

Q: What is the philosophy behind creating two balanced Select teams vs a Select A and Select B?

A: A balanced approach provides the best opportunities for SLP Little League to field competitive teams at all levels in tournament play. In addition, this approach provides a broader set of development opportunities for players, which aligns to the core values of our program.


St. Louis Park Little League District Boundaries