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St. Louis Park Little League FAQ

Q:  Who can play in SLP Little League?
A:  SLP Little League welcomes boys and girls from 5-12 years of age.

Q:  On what days will my child have practice or games?
A:  The preliminary game schedule will be available in late March, practice times will be determined by your child’s coach.  Schedules can be found on the Little League Website at (click on the “Calendar” tab and select your child’s team from the “Tab” menu).

Q:  What are the boundaries for Minneapolis residents to fully participate in SLP Little League?  If I'm not in the bourdaries, may my player still play and what does my player miss out of?

Our boundaries include all of SLP and the following Minneapolis area: 

On the northwest edge, starting at I-394 and France Ave, south on France Ave. to 54th Ave S, 54th Ave S east to Penn Ave S, Penn Ave S north, through Lake Harriet/Lakewood Cemetary/Lake Calhoun to West Lake Street, east to Hennepin Ave and Hennepin Ave northeast to Interstate 394, Interstate 394 west to France Ave.

If you are not in the boundaries, your player is still welcome to play SLP Little League.  Your player is not allowed to play on the All-Star team for ages 9, 10, 11 or 12.  These All-Star Tournaments take place in July.  There are Select or Classic tournament teams that also play most of July that all players may play in to continue their fun and baseball development.

Q:  How are leagues arranged, how often per week will my child play?
A:  Leagues arranged by age and pre-season evaluation:



Season Duration

Events Per Week



Mid April – Mid July




Mid April – Mid July




April – June




April – June


* In addition to age, player evaluation is used to determine the league of play.

Q:  How should I find out if a game/practice is re-scheduled/cancelled due to inclement weather?
A: See the SLP Little League Website for game updates.  Practices are re-scheduled/cancelled by coaches who will contact their team separately to cancel practices.

Q:  What should I do if I believe my child should play in a different league than their age range dictates?
A:  The evaluation process is focused on putting your child in the best league for their skill level.

Q:  Where will games and practices take place?
A:  Home games will take place on either Skippy or Northside fields.  Coaches will reserve practice fields (all practice fields are in St. Louis Park).   Directions to SLP fields can be found here (Little League Tab à Fields à Maps).

Q:  I’m planning on coaching, what are the next steps?
A:  Individuals who indicated that they are interested in coaching during the registration process will be contacted regarding a coaches clinic.

Q:  I would like my child to play on the same team as a friend…
A:  A great deal of effort is placed on making the teams as equally balanced and completive as possible.  For this reason and the shear number of kids involved with SLP Little League friend requests cannot be honored.

Q:  How do I fulfill my volunteer commitment?
A:  There will be opportunities throughout the season posted to the SLP Little League website.

Q:  I have a question that hasn’t been addressed above, who should I contact?
A:  Contact the little league president at:  slpllpresident at