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Little League

While reflecting on things to be thankful for this month, our wonderful sponsors are near the top of the list! Watch this space for sponsor spotlights throughout November.

Kenwood Pet Clinic

Kenwood Pet Clinic is proud to be celebrating 5 years of sponsoring SLP Little League. They provide progressive care for your canine, feline, and exotic companions. Visit them in person or online.

Apple Automatic

Apple Automatic Food Service has been providing quality vending services to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. They are locally owned and operate out of their facility in Plymouth, Minnesota. They give back to the community through participation in annual United Way Drives, Little League, local fundraisers, and educational scholarships.


JonnyPops is a delicious frozen smoothie-on-a-stick, made with simple ingredients and absolutely NOTHING artificial! Each stick is printed with a kind deed to encourage others to pay it forward. They've reinvented traditional classic flavors for a delicious creamy treat, so skip the pumpkin pie and take JonnyPops to Thanksgiving dinner!

Huestis and Associates, LLC - American Family Insurance

Huestis and Associates, LLC is an American Family agency located in St Louis Park, MN where the agency owner Cully Huestis grew up. The agency focuses on providing solid insurance recommendations while also keeping costs competitive and within budget. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and the agency plans to service the surrounding communities for decades to come. They are looking to grow our business with long-term clients who see the value an experienced and customer-driven agency can provide. Call to set up an appointment to meet with them and complete a thorough review of your insurance needs.

Resiliency and Health Institute

Resiliency and Health Institute is an integrative practice of independently licensed mental health care providers. They understand there is diversity in how individuals benefit from support. At RHI, clinicians are creative in interventions while utilizing evidence-based practices. They are dedicated to providing quality services and a healing space for those who want to build resilience and restore healthy functioning.

JJ's Clubhouse

JJ's Clubhouse is a family-friendly neighborhood place in the city. Plan a team reunion or catch the next big game at JJ's! 


St. Louis Park Rotary

The St. Louis Park Rotary is a dynamic group of community members devoted to "Service Above Self." They founded the nationally-acclaimed initiative Children First and support efforts for youth and families in St. Louis Park and beyond. Service-minded adults interested in learning more are invited to reach out via 

Sponsor Spotlight: The Webb Group

Thank you to Little League sponsor, The Webb Group. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an experienced home owner who is looking to upsize, downsize, or invest, the Webb Group understands that a successful experience means your needs come first. As a sponsor, they're a "home" run!

Sponsor Spotlight: Dunrite Automotive

You can find old fashioned service with today's technology at Dunrite Automotive SLP. Stop by for AAA approved auto repair from this Top Shop Award winner. We're proud to have this local, independent, neighborhood business as one of our sponsors!

Sponsor Spotlight: Ergotron

Welcome Ergotron, a new sponsor for 2019. Ergotron is a pioneer in the field of movement and ergonomics, designing innovative products that help improve employee health, comfort and productivity. Thanks for joining our Little League family!

Sponsor Spotlight: Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods has been a St. Louis Park Little League sponsor for several years. In addition to sponsoring one of our Rookie teams, each year they generously donate catchers' gear, batting cage screens, first aid kits, buckets, and hundreds of baseballs.

AND... they provide discounts for our Little League families! During the upcoming Father’s Day weekend (June 14 – 16, 2019), Dick's is extending a discount shop event to coaches, parents, and players to show their appreciation. This is also a great opportunity for anyone looking for some last minute Father’s Day gifts!

The link below will allow you to access the coupon for this discount-shopping event. Simply show the attached coupon on your smartphone or print a copy and show it at checkout to receive the 20% discount. Coupon is good during event dates/times only. Exclusions apply. See store or for more details.


Fall Ball Teams and Schedule

Majors/AAA Teams

Name Name Team Coach   Name Name Team Coach
Isaac Berquist 1 HC          
Isaac Schulman 1 AC   Marco Munoz 3 AC
Gabriel Goitom 1     Charles Gillette 3 AC
Parker Taney 1 AC   Logan O’Dea 3 HC
Landon Evans 1     Aj Aunan 3  
McEwen Lenzmeier 1     Juneh Boardman 3  
Matthew Hess 1     Charlie Dean 3  
Jacob McGuinn 1     Mitchell Hoffman 3  
Tate Tritabaugh 1     Henry Neal 3  
Asher Jani 1     Matthew Brasser 3  
Cam Jackson 1     Navi Ross 3  
Louden McCoid 2 AC   Theo McGuire 4  
Nolan Wold 2 HC   Ted McCarren 4  
Calvin Pflum 2     Griffin Hanson 4  
Jack Runyon 2 AC   Nick  Moran 4 HC
Hudson Bohl 2     Ryan Oleisky 4  
Charles Baker 2     lathan harmston 4 AC
Brody Dwight-Deal 2     Ethan Forstrom_Courtot 4 AC
Liam Cowley 2     Teagan Goodermont 4  
Logan Peterson 2     Imad Salam 4  
Chase Peterson 2     Jacob Skelly 4  


Majors/AAA Schedule

Dates Field Times Team
8-Sep Northside 1 11am 1 vs. 2
8-Sep Northside 3 11am 3 vs. 4
15-Sep Northside 1 11am 1 vs. 3
15-Sep Northside 3 11am 2 vs. 4
22-Sep Northside 1 11am 1 vs. 4
22-Sep Northside 3 11am 2 vs. 3
29-Sep Northside 1 11am 1 vs. 2
29-Sep Northside 3 11am 3 vs. 4
6-Oct Northside 1 11am 1 vs. 3
6-Oct Northside 1 11am 2 vs. 4



AA Level Kid Pitch Teams

Name Name Teams Coach   Name Name Teams Coach
Isaac Carlson 1 HC   Andrew Slattengren 3  
Río Versalles 1     William Check 3 HC
Max Keogh 1 AC   Vincent Roe 3 AC
Luke Machalek 1     Charlotte Roe 3  
Jake Machalek 1     Finn Rider 3  
Ezra Awend 1     Gavin Anderson 3  
Tommy Bebler 1     Gary Cooper 3  
Billy Haines 1     Xavier Dhariwal 3  
Ryan Haines 1     Kallen Iverson 3  
Odin Petzel 1     Riley Reeves 3  
Ben Jermeland 1     Ethan Schulman 3 AC
Jack Kerfoot 1 AC   James Patrick Tucker 3  
Griffin Prevosr 1 AC   Judah Lissauer 3  
Bodhi Hayne 1     Mahni Ross 3  
Damian Kessler 2 AC   Collin Moore 4  
William Venable 2 HC   Johnny Testa 4  
Arnie Yarosh 2     Jacob LaPoint 4  
Gavin Cook 2     Jenr Koppen 4 HC
Emmett Anklam 2 AC   Owen Koppen 4  
Theodore Cherne 2 AC   Joshua Martenson 4 AC
Eli Garrett 2     Benjamin Rasmussen 4  
Sam Magras 2     Renner Andersen 4  
Nathan Philbrook 2     Trenton Cooper 4  
Ben Skaare 2     Noah Danh 4  
Jackson Thoen 2     Asher Rothstein 4  
Marshall Johnson 2     Wyatt Schmale 4 AC
Sonny Silva-Maldonado 2     Joshua Hoenisch 4  
          Luke Ritchie 4  

AA Level Kid Pitch Schedule

Dates Field Times Team
8-Sep Northside 1 1pm 1 vs. 2
8-Sep Northside 3 1pm 3 vs. 4
15-Sep Northside 1 1pm 1 vs. 3
15-Sep Northside 3 1pm 2 vs. 4
22-Sep Northside 1 1pm 1 vs. 4
22-Sep Northside 3 1pm 2 vs. 3
29-Sep Northside 1 1pm 1 vs. 2
29-Sep Northside 3 1pm 3 vs. 4
6-Oct Northside 1 1pm 1 vs. 3
6-Oct Northside 1 1pm 2 vs. 4


MP A Level Teams

Name Name Team Coach   Name Name Team Coach
Henry Venable 1 HC   Johnny Otterlei 3 AC
Danielle Broxey 1 AC   Layton Wold 3 HC
Luke Tharp 1 AC   Colin Gibb 3 AC
Ryan Ochmanek 1     Jacob Denker 3  
Matthew Oleisky 1     Conor Hatten 3 AC
Samuel Ben Avraham 1     Simon Rothstein 3  
Logan Christian 1     Henry Baker 3  
Emmett McNaughton 1     Grayson Ehlen 3  
Max Miller 1     Winston Jani 3  
William Seiwert 1     Desmond Nation III 3  
Henry Stowman 1     Ben Rich 3  
Isidore Mollick 1     Lewis Western 3  
Elliot Curtis 2     Axel Meyer 4 HC
Bennett Kirkpatrick 2 HC   Max Mohning 4 AC
Will Marsh 2 AC   Aidan Gorski 4 AC
Luca Small 2 AC   Ronan Doyle 4  
Crosby Denham 2     Theodore Glaeseman 4  
William Pitko 2     Christian Vanderheyden 4  
Evan Barth 2     Sullivan Vanderpoel 4  
Cameron Dvoracek 2     Cooper Glaeseman 4  
Brady Johnson 2     Wyatt Hogan 4  
Brandon Mutchler 2     Sam Otos 4  
Eddie Scheraldi 2     Liam Pistole 4  
erik Thompson 2            

MP A Level Schedule

Dates Field Times Team
8-Sep Northside 2 Noon 1 vs. 2
8-Sep Northside 2 2pm 3 vs. 4
15-Sep Northside 2 Noon 2 vs. 4
15-Sep Northside 2 2pm 1 vs. 3
22-Sep Northside 2 Noon 1 vs. 4
22-Sep Northside 2 2pm 2 vs. 3
29-Sep Northside 2 Noon 1 vs. 2
29-Sep Northside 2 2pm 3 vs. 4
6-Oct Northside 2 Noon 2 vs. 4
6-Oct Northside 2 2pm 1 vs. 3


MP Rookie Level Teams (15 Mins Skill and 45 Game Play)

First Name Last Name Teams Coach
Robbie Kelly 1 HC
Max Keogh 1 AC
Cameron Kirkpatrick 1 AC
Tanner Christian 1  
Deuce Richardson 1  
Rowan Gavin 2 AC
Ben Moran 2 HC
Asher Stotesbery 2 AC
Owen LaPoint 2  
Xavier Wahlgren 2  


MP Rookie Level Schedule

Dates Field Times Team
8-Sep Northside 2 11am 1 vs. 2
15-Sep Northside 2 11am 1 vs. 2
22-Sep Northside 2 11am 1 vs. 2
29-Sep Northside 2 11am 1 vs. 2
6-Oct Northside 2 11am 1 vs. 2

July Tournament Results Thus Far in 2019

12 Year Old All Stars-2nd Place in District Tournament

11 Year Old All Stars-2nd Place in District Tournament Advancing to State

10 Year Old All Stars-2nd Place in District Tournament Advancing to State

9 Year Old All Stars-3rd Place in Crystal Tournament

11 Year Old SLP Black Select 1st Place in Memorial Cup

11 Year Old SLP Orange Select 3rd Place in Memorial Cup

10 Year Old SLP Orange Select 3rd Place in Memorial Cup

July Play - 12/11 Select Rosters & 10/9 All-Star, Select & Classic Rosters


We're happy to announce rosters for the 12/11 Select teams and the 10/9 All-Star, Select and Classic.  Please refer to the email for greater detail on the process and FAQ's.

12 Select Orange 12 Select Black      
Jack Betzer AC Jacob Balcos        
Micah Curtis   Dominic Bollettieri HC      
Jack  Doherty   Patrick  Burns        
Caedon Exsted   Will Carpenter AC      
Noah Gips AC Keon Conely        
Jack Gleason HC Jackson Croom        
Michael Herbert   Cole Denham        
Casey Howard  AC Tyler Eoff        
Jacob Iverson   Jason Kraft AC      
Trey Janssen   Everett McDaniel AC      
Malik Martin   Deuce Serrano        
Jack  Ortale   Beckett Snook        
Matthew Plant   Cammeren Stachovich         
Sam  Schlegelmilch   Sam  Tolzin        
11 Select Orange 11 Select Black      
Charles Gillette AC AJ Aunan        
Lathan Harmston AC Timothy Chouinard        
Aaron Hatlestad   Liam Cowley HC      
Matthew Hess   Gabriel Goitom        
Mitchell Hoffman   Adam Guenzel        
Parker Jirik   Jacob McGuinn        
Louden  McCoid   Ashton Molitor        
Jacob Natzel   Marco Munoz AC      
Caden O’Brien   Braden Neudecker        
Ryan  Oleisky  HC Calvin Pflum        
Stephen Snyder AC Jonah Schwab        
Parker Taney AC Owen Twedten        
Benjamin Whittaker-Jolly              
10 All Star 10 Select Orange 10 Select Black
Isaac  Berquist AC Charles Baker   Lev Bader  
Hudson Bohl   Juneh Boardman   Aiden Blumenfield  HC
Colin  Faust    Brody Dwight-Deal   Corrigan Donner  
Griffin Hanson   Landon Evans AC Kian Donovan  
Becker Hart   Tyler Fahlin    Ethan  Forstrom-Courtot  
Cam Jackson HC Asher Jani   Teagan Goodermont AC
Wesley Marggraf    Eli  Koch AC Liam Krengel AC
Nicky Moran   McEwen  Lenzmeier   Ben Larson  
Ben Otos AC Leo Miller    Anders Logan  
Jack Runyon   Henry Olson AC Bren Mink  
Phillip Sellner AC Luca Poehland   Henry  Neal  
Luke  Van Eps    Liam Poehland   Sam Przezdziecki AC
Nolan Wold AC Sully Russell HC Quinlan  Spencer AC
9 All-Star   9 Select Orange   9 Classic
Nolan Bilden   Tate Carlson Anacker   Finnegan  Abbs AC
Gavin Cook   Tess Carpenter   Brayden Falness  
Caden Coulter   Parker Dhein   Cullen Gerken AC
Bishop Froehle   Deven Gerten   Paxton Goodermont AC
Logan Hass   Finn Hedden   Cameron Hagen AC
Joshua Martenson  HC Henry Hoffman   Ben Jermeland  
James Newton   Wyatt Jackson AC Marshall Johnson  
Benjamin  Rasmussen    Trevor Jirik   Isaac Knoernschild  
Finn Rider   Tim  Johnson HC Gabriel Kremenak AC
Caleb Schwab   Finley Keogh   Mason Loken  
William Venable AC Mason Knuth AC Thomas Marsalek  
Río  Versalles AC Luke Shepherd   Thomas Ott  
Arnie Yarosh   Anthony Taybior   Will Pieper  
            Luke Ritchie  
            Sebastian Stricherz  
            Merrick Tasto  
            Charlie Weaver  


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