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Annual Meeting and Board Elections

The annual meeting and board elections for the St. Louis Park Little League will be held Sunday October 8 at 7:00 in the Banquet Room of the St. Louis Park Rec Center. All league participants are welcome. 

Elections for the 2023-2024 board will take place at this meeting. We are in need of volunteers to serve in board positions, including in roles covering concessions, league registration and other areas. There are also opportunities to shadow a current board member in the current year to learn the role and more about the league and take over the role for the 2024-2025 season. Please contact Matt Moran ( or Stephen Venable ( if you are interested.

Fall Ball Kid Pitch Teams and Schedule

Players Name Last Name Coach Team Number   Players Name Last Name Coach Team Number
Benjamin Moran HC 1   Liam Rabine   2
Beckett Hangebrauck   1   Dale  Martin   2
Linus Schmidt   1   Tanner Christian   2
Ernie Jaqua   1   Soren Lind-Ayres HC 2
Noah Langer   1   Henry Sternberg   2
Patrick Hayes AC 1   Max Keogh AC 2
Simon Richman   1   Mican Shorter   2
Will Starr AC 1   Kaiden Rognrud   2
Jacob Starr   1   Rufus Korman   2
Michael Odden   1   Stoxen Schauer   2
James Gourde   1   Isidore Mollick   2
Lucas Thoen   1   Jonah Beckmann AC 2
Aaron Ankeny   1   Gavin Rabine   2
Cooper Glaeseman   1   Winston Jani   2
Hudson Polan   1   Connor  Mcnamara   2
Players Name Last Name Coach Team Number   Players Name Last Name Coach Team Number
Judah Peterson   3   Beau Kuykendall   4
Oliver Flory   3   Dion Agosto Crego 4
Desmond Fink   3   Herbie Gadea-Daub   4
William Fink   3   Charlie Kerfoot HC 4
Noah Pavlik HC 3   Jace Higgins   4
Garrett Naylor   3   Owen LaPoint   4
Charlie Klevay   3   Robbie Kelly AC 4
Elvis Richardson Baldwin 3   Rory Gallagher AC 4
Rohr Strauss   3   Teddy Peters   4
Gabriel Hagen AC 3   Sullivan Vanderpoel   4
Simon Rothstein   3   Bennett Falness   4
Jacob Little   3   Clinton Richards   4
Teddy Karst   3   Danny Wermerskirchen 4
Date Teams Time Field          
26-Aug 1 v 2 4pm Skippy 1          
26-Aug 3 v 4 4pm Skippy 2          
30-Aug 1 v 3 5:30pm Skippy 1          
30-Aug 2 v 4 5:30pm Skippy 2          
31-Aug 4 v 1 5:30 PM Skippy 2          
31-Aug 3 v 2 5:30 PM Skippy 1          
6-Sep 2 v 1 5:30 PM Skippy 1          
6-Sep 4 v 3 5:30 PM Skippy 2          
9-Sep 3 v 1 4pm Skippy 2          
9-Sep 4 v 2 4pm Skippy 1          
13-Sep 4 v 1 5:30pm Skippy 1          
13-Sep 3 v 2 5:30pm Skippy 2          
16-Sep 1 v 2 4pm Skppy 1          
16-Sep 3 v 4 4pm Skippy 2          
20-Sep 1 v 3 5:30pm Skippy 2          
20-Sep 2 v 4 5:30pm  Skippy 1          
23-Sep 1 v 4 4pm Skippy 2          
23-Sep 2 v 3 4pm  Skippy 1          
27-Sep 2 v 1 5:15pm Skippy 1          
27-Sep 4 v 3 5:15pm Skippy 2          
30-Sep 3 v 1 4pm Skippy 1          
30-Sep 4 v 2 4pm  Skippy 2          

Fall Ball First Year Kid Pitch Teams and Schedule

Player's First Name Player's Last Name


Teams   Player's First Name Player's Last Name


Luca Percic   1   Paul Davis   2
Luca Reina   1   Jacob Roby   2
Dylan Barrett   1   Otis Hanson HC 2
Frankie Jaqua HC 1   John (Jack) Harting   2
Grant Newburn   1   Calvin Thoen   2
Paxton Vanderpoel   1   Landon Small   2
Fitz Broxey   1   River Dolan   2
Aaron Karasov   1   Luke Wilde AC 2
Sollie Jurisz AC 1   Jonah Dahl   2
Luke Klein   1   William Oeth   2
Miles Haag   1   Connor Zipoy AC 2
Andrew Wermerskirchen   1   Joey Collins   2
          Neal Gibb   2
Date Teams Time Field          
26-Aug 1 v 2 2pm Skippy 1          
30-Aug 2 v 1 5:30pm Northside 2          
31-Aug 1 v 2 5:30pm Northside 1          
6-Sep 2 v 1 5:30pm Northside 2          
9-Sep 1 v 2 2pm Skippy 2          
13-Sep 2 v 1 5:30pm Northside 2          
16-Sep 1 v 2 2pm Skippy 1          
20-Sep 2 v 1 5:30pm Northside 1          
23-Sep 1 v 2 2pm Skippy 2          
27-Sep 2 v 1 5:15pm Northside 2          
30-Sep 1 v 2 2pm  Skippy 1          

Fall Ball Machine Pitch Teams and Schedule

First Last Coach Team Number   First Last Coach Team Number
Benjamin Koval HC 1   Bennett Neckvatal   2
Fletcher Schauer   1   Harrison
Lance Christian   1   Alfie Jaqua   2
Liam Butcher   1   Grant Nelson   2
Hudson Merchant   1   Kerry Guntli   2
Sarah Davis AC 1   Sebastian Mollick   2
Sebastian Leafman AC 1   Cooper Warren HC 2
Cassius Rogers   1   Ralph Sternberg   2
Asher Dehmer   1   August Rother   2
Avi Chiat   1   Dean Swenson AC 2
Isaac McCabe   1          
First Last Coach Team Number          
Reuben Chiat   3          
Brooks Manville AC 3          
Charles James   3          
Wyatt Zipoy   3          
Oscar Acioli Colwell
Rhett Brunner   3          
Tony LaValle   3          
Benicio Zanabria   3          
Cam Settingsgard HC 3          
Graham Fox-Vandergon   3          


Date Teams Time Field
26-Aug 1 v 2 2pm Skippy 2
29-Aug 2 v 3 5:30pm Northside 1
30-Aug 1 v 3 5:30pm Northside 2
6-Sep 2 v 1 5:30pm Northside 1
8-Sep 3 v 2 6:00pm Skippy 1
9-Sep 3 v 1 2pm Skippy 1
13-Sep 1 v 2 5:30pm Northside 1
16-Sep 2 v 3 2pm Skippy 2
20-Sep 1 v 3 5:30pm Northside 2
23-Sep 2 v 1 2pm Skippy 1
27-Sep 3 v 2 5:15pm Northside 1
29-Sep 3 v1 5:30pm Skippy 1
30-Sep 1 v 2 2:00pm Skippy 2
1-Oct 2 v 3 noon Skippy 1


July Play Teams - 9's

With the conclusion of the AA in-house tournament today we're happy to announce the July play teams for 9's.  Please note the players listed as "9 Classic Players" are simply the players at that level.  More information regarding teams, practices, games, etc... will be released in the coming week or so.


9 All-Stars   9 Select Orange        
Jude Exsted     Bellamy Coffman          
Thomas Gourde     Desmond Fink AC        
Beckett Hangebrauck     Herbie Gadea-Daub          
Jace Higgins     Rory Gallagher AC        
Robbie Kelly HC   Gabriel Hagen          
Maxwell Keogh AC   Patrick Hayes AC        
Everett Koepke     Ernie Jaqua          
Dale Martin     Rufus Korman          
Boden Newhall     Noah Langer          
Brady Ochmanek     Owen LaPoint          
Noah Pavlik AC   William McCabe          
Judah Peterson     Benjamin Moran HC        
Deuce Richardson     Rohr Strauss          
9 Classic - Listed by Players (Teams / Games TBD) 
Oliver Aanenson     Wesley Healy     Garrett Naylor  
Dion Agosto-Crego     Seth Hillger AC   Michael Odden  
Ace Aul AC   Charlie Kerfoot     Teddy Peters  
Lucas Burgart     Cameron Kirkpatrick HC   James Petrie  
Gavin Cabuay     Charlie Klevay     Jamie Polster AC
Tanner Christian     Beau Kuykendall     Liam Rabine  
Quinn Dvoracek     Soren Lind-Ayres HC   Henry Reed  
Landan Evers     Reid Locken     Kaiden Rognrud  
William Fink HC   Colin Lunieski AC   Stoxen Schauer  
Oliver Flory     Connor McNamara     Arthur Schlepp  
Benjamin Groppoli     Henrik Meyer     Linus Schmidt AC

July Play Teams - 12 Select, 11's & 10's

With the conclusion of the AAA in-house tournament today we're happy to announce the July play teams for 12 Select, 11's and 10's.  


- Coaching roles are designated to the right of player names

- To ensure team balance some players are going to be playing up with older age groups.  If you do not see your player in their age group please check a year above.


12 Select Black   12 Select Orange
Charlie Aanenson     Samuel Ben Avraham  
Cooper Glaeseman AC   Theodore Cherne AC
Jack Groben AC   Jake Horovitz AC
Ryan Haines AC   Henry Hurtig  
Grayson Jennings     Kallen Iverson  
Theodore Karst     George Klawitter  
Jacob LaPoint HC   Jacob Little  
Sullivan Murphey     Yassani Mady-Whittle  
Caden Piehowski     Brandon Mutchler  
Miles Rickord     Luke Tharp  
Ethan Schulman     Jackson Thoen HC
11 All-Stars   11 Select 
Luvanda Anderson     Win Gage AC
Evan Barth HC   Bennett Gutierrez  
Jones Broxey AC   Conor Hatten HC
Cameron Dvoracek     Luke Herkenhoff AC
Olan Gryniewski     WInston Jani  
Cameron Howell     Michael Landers  
Bennett Kirkpatrick     Raphael Maruani  
Axel Meyer     John Otterlei AC
Grady Newhall AC   Jonah Pladson  
Beckham Olson     Gavin Rabine  
Owen Riggs AC   Isaac Simpson  
Edward Scheraldi     Anthony Stanko  
        Erik Thompson  
10 All-Stars   10 Select 
Colin Gibb     Otto Blaseg HC
Aedan Ginnis     Yossi Borenstein  
Jameson LaBarbera AC   Rory Cashman AC
Cullen McCambridge     Crosby Denham  
Cole Megal HC   Benjamin Dering  
Ryan Mulqueen     Rory Fruin  
Ryan Ochmanek     Samuel Haag AC
Brayden Osei     Tom Mitchell  
Tyler Tate     Isidore Mollick AC
Lucas Thoen     A.J. Plaisance  
Sullivan Vanderpoel     Sam Rogers  
Henry Venable AC   Isaac Rogers  
        Henry Taylor  

12 Year-Old All-Star Team

With the conclusion of the Majors in-house tournament today we're happy to announce the 12 year-old All-Star team.  Select teams for 12's will be announced in the coming days, as will the All-Star and Select teams for the 11's, 10's and 9's.  Congrats to these 12's!





































Cuba Baseball Cultural Exchange Trip Spring Break 2024

MVP65 Cultural Exchange offers a  2024 Spring Youth Cultural Exchange Baseball Program for any interested players who will be age 12 or age 13 in spring break, 2024 in Havana Cuba! This cultural exchange baseball experience will pair participating youth from our community with similarly-aged Cuban youth baseball players from Habana del Este municipality of Havana, Cuba. The all-inclusive program will feature lodging, meals, baseball clinics, baseball games, and cultural excursions. Recommended for experienced and more competitive players due to higher competition level.  Up to two teams of players from our community will be offered the opportunity to engage in this unique experience. 

Dates: Sunday, March 31, 2024 - Saturday, April 6, 2024

(7 Days/6 Nights: 5 Full Days) ~ Havana, Cuba

First-come, first-served basis with priority given to St. Louis Park baseball community families. Non-refundable participant deposits due for each participating player and family member by July 21st, 2023.

If interested, contact Luis Versalles at: or (612) 450-2695. 

MacStrength cultivates growth and success for baseball players of all ages

We wanted to put out some positive energy for the MacStrength Tribe. 
First, to our Athletes:

You have put in months and months of hard work towards your developmental and performance goals. This uncertain delay is stressful for everyone, relax and take our word for it that you will not lose everything you worked for in just a few weeks off. Nobody ever forgot how to play sports in only a month. Use this time to expand your horizons. Learn a new skill. Read a book. Spend time with your family.  Embrace the stillness and be confident in the work you put in and that you will be ready when the time comes. We will be here to help you get on track when baseball gets rolling again.  In the meantime, if you need ANYTHING you can reach out to Mac, Zach, or Matt anytime and we will be happy to talk with you.  We will also continue sending out some things you can do on your own to keep sharp. 
Next, to the Parents:

We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has reached out with words

Aaron McEachran (Mac) owner of MacStrength is a St. Louis Park grad and elected member of the High School's athletic hall of fame.  A standout career at the University of Northern Iowa and a 2001 Toronto Blue Jays draft, Mac is now helping kids develop their skills.   

MacStrenght is now offering fall baseball and training opportunities.   

For details visit: 


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