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    Little League

    Picture Order Details

    Thank you to All Sport Photography for introducing a new way to view and order our players' baseball pictures! Images can be accessed now on either your computer or mobile device. 

    We had two photographers for the day; photographer names, team names, and the corresponding codes are below. You may also share the codes with grandparents and family members.

    Once you access the pictures, you will notice we used multiple poses. You are can CROP, ADD NAMES, AND CHOOSE DESIGN.

    Mark (Photographer)

    Enter code SLPLL20201

    Access by cell phone: Text SLPLL20201 to 90738


    • Miracle Mile 1-45
    • AQ Fit Lab 46-96
    • Comparatio 97-147
    • Supreme Dream 148-196
    • The Humble Goals 198-251
    • Mint 252-297
    • Excelsior Group 298-345
    • Kenwood 346-

    Michele (Photographer)

    Enter code SLPLL20202

    Access by cell phone: Text SLPLL20202 to 90738


    • Apple 1-47
    • Resiliency & Health 48-114
    • Advantage 115-165
    • Lindus 166-216
    • Brother's Deli 217-274
    • Star Capital 275-317
    • Blizzard 318-364
    • T & S Wealth 365-420


    Any questions? Please email Pictures will be available for 3 weeks. 

    Reminder: Safety Guidelines

    The first games of the season start this week. We're excited to see some baseball, and - like with practices - we will be taking precautions to keep players and families safe, including:

    • Spectators are limited to immediate family and must sit six feet apart along the outfield baselines. Stands will be used to extend the dugouts.
    • Concession stands will be closed. Please bring water so you and your players stay hydrated. 
    • Social distancing guidelines apply. Please minimize gathering and wait away from the field to pick up your player.
    • Please stay home if you or a family member are experiencing symptoms or if you have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

    For complete guidelines, review the return to play document.

    2020 AAA Rosters - Update

    Due to decreased participation the AAA level will be consolidating down to seven teams from eight to ensure sufficient players for games. 

    To minimize disruption the players previously on the Advantage Scaffolding team are placed on new teams. 

    The team previously named West End Chiro will now go forward with the Advantage Scaffolding team name.  If your son moved you will receive both an email from your coach and the Kid Pitch Player Agent Troy Rickord. 


    Advantage Scaffold & Ladder   Comparatio
    Shaun Jr. Brust     Riley Cox AC
    Isaac Carlson HC   Hal Gage AC
    Tate Carlson-Anacker AC   Finn Hedden  
    Landon Evans AC   Owen Johnston  
    Ben Fruechte     Eli Koch  
    Cullen Gerken     Truman Lee  
    Benjamin Larson     Thomas Marsalek  
    Jake Machalek     Theo McGuire AC
    Luke Machalek     Gunnar Peterson  
    Owen McCoy AC         Luca Poehland  
    Luke Ritchie     Hugh Sansone  
    Caleb Schwab AC   William Venable HC
    Lindus Construction   Star Capital Inc.
    Nolan Bilden     Kyler Althoff  
    Tyler Fahlin AC   Charles Baker  
    Benjamin Fuller     Ethan  Forstrom-Courtot  AC
    Trevor Jirik     Teagan Goodermont  
    Finley  Keogh     Cameron Hagen AC
    Miles McColgan     Amelia  Harmston  
    William Offenhauser     Max Klawitter  
    Hugo Schantz AC   Joshua Martenson HC
    Finnegan Shepherd HC   Leo Miller  
    Luke Shepherd     Thomas Ott  
    Asher  Stockwell AC   Samuel Przezdziecki AC
            Ethan Woods  
    Supreme Dream Team   The Brothers Deli
    Andrew (AJ) Aunan HC   Aiden Blumenfield AC
    Caden Coulter AC   Bishop Froehle  
    Kian Donovan     Mitchell Hoffman  
    Wyatt Goodman     William Krengel HC
    Logan Hass     Noah Lewis  
    Marshall Johnson AC   Bren Mink  
    Mason Knuth AC   James Newton AC
    Judah Lissauer     Sullivan Russell AC
    Pali Mielke     Anthony Taybior  
    Ethan Rothschild     Johnny Turcotte  
    Asher Strong     John Wade  
    Aaron Tix          
    The Humble Goats        
    Juneh Boardman          
    Brayden Falness          
    Nathan Idelkope          
    Lee Johnson          
    McEwen Lenzmeier          
    Jack Maliszewski AC        
    Louden McCoid          
    Hutton Newhall HC        
    Will Pieper          
    Rio Versalles AC        
    Charlie Weaver          
    Arnie Yarosh AC        


    2020 AA Rosters

    AQ Fit Lab   Kenwood Pet Clinic
    Emmett Anklam AC          Gavin Anderson  
    Shane Fitzpatrick HC   William Check HC
    Charles Frank     Noah Danh  
    Will Gjersvik     Frank Hedden  
    Sam Idelkope     George Klawitter  
    Kallen Iverson     Damai Lovely  
    Casey Lunieski     Rylan Miller  
    Ben Jermeland     Vincent Roe AC
    Sam Magras AC   Charlotte Roe  
    Sullivan Murphey AC   Asher Rothstein AC
    Benjamin Skaare     Asher Schelp  
    Jackson Smith     Ethan Schulman AC
    Jackson Thoen     Peter Slattengren  
    Resiliency & Health   T&S Wealth
    Tommy Bebler     Louisa Beach  
    Matthias Blissett HC   Billy Haines AC
    Gary  Cooper     Ryan Haines  
    Eli Garrett  AC   Bodhi Hayne  
    Grayson Jennings     Griffin Hogan  
    Rose  Keating     Jack Kerfoot AC
    Damian Kessler AC   Griffin OMelia  
    Jacob LaPoint AC   Alex Ostby  
    Caden  Piehowski     Odin Petzel  
    Miles Rickord     Hudson Polan  
    Spencer Strodl     Wyatt Schmale  
    Noah Zondervan     Leo Stevens  
            Jack Tate HC

    2020 Majors Roster

    Apple Automatic


    Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School

    Hudson Bohl


      Isaac Berquist AC
    Timothy Chouinard     Alexander Contreras  
    Adam Guenzel     Grant Haggerty AC
    Becker Hart     Emmett Johnston  
    Parker Jirik     Nathan Lewis  
    Jaxson McDonnell AC   Theodore McCarren  
    Braden Neudecker     Logan O'Dea HC
    Ryan Oleisky AC   Ben Otos AC
    Teddy Rich     Jonah Schwab  
    Josh Rickord HC   Jacob Skelly  
    Grayson Sivanich AC   Owen Twedten  

    Mint Orthodontics


    Miracle Mile

    Miles Blissett AC   Liam Cowley AC
    Gabriel Goitom     Colin Faust  
    Marty Hirte     Matthew Hess  
    Cam Jackson HC   Miles  Jungroth  
    Miiles Lasica     Marcelo Mena  
    Jacob McGuinn     Nicholas Moran HC
    Ashton Molitor     Marco Munoz AC
    Jack Runyon AC   Jacob Natzel  
    Zachary Stillman AC   Caden O'Brien  
    Parker Taney     Graham Riggs  
    Tate Tritabaugh     Ethan Yakes  

    The Excelsior Group

    Dominic Barth          
    Oliver Culp          
    Griffin Hanson          
    Lathan Harmstrom          
    Aaron Hatlestad AC        
    Wesley Marggraf HC        
    Chase Peterson          
    Logan Peterson          
    Isaac Schulman          
    Hank Walker          
    Nolan Wold AC        



    DICK'S Sporting Goods Shopping Event-Come Back Stronger

    As part of their support of our program, DICK’S Sporting Goods will be offering our families, coaches, and participants their deepest discount.

    Please continue to show your support by choosing DICK’S Sporting Goods as your preferred sporting goods retailer.

    A message on the 2020 season and survey

    To our Little League families and players, 

    The SLPLL board met on Sunday evening to discuss the latest developments to the 2020 season. The Covid-19 pandemic continues, but as part of the Stay Safe Plan the governor has allowed youth sports to restart practices in small groups following social distancing guidelines. Below are the links to the CDC plan and the announcement by the MN Department of Health. In addition, the city has begun to allow the permitting and usage of fields.

    As part of permitting, the city required the league to create and submit a Back to Baseball Plan. We have completed this process and received approval from the city to begin the season. Please see the SLPLL website for our Back to Baseball Plan.

    KID PITCH (ages 9-12)

    The board has decided to begin the kid-pitch season for players 9-12 years old. The plan is for Majors players to begin practicing on Monday, 6/15. Each team will be split into two groups during their practice time. Currently the governor has not approved game play but we are hopeful that there can be games starting 7/7. The season will conclude with an end of season tournament in mid-August if game play is approved.

    Before we begin, we need to determine who is interested in playing, based on the known risks, so that we can finalize teams. If you choose not to play, a refund of your registration fee will be provided.  Please complete the following survey by 12am on Wednesday, June 10. Click HERE for the survey.

    After a week of observing Majors practices, if all goes well, we will begin practices for AAA and AA in late June.

    Prior to attending practice, each player and coach will be required to complete a Covid-19 waiver.

    MACHINE PITCH (ages 5-8)

    The board voted unanimously to cancel and refund registration fees for the 2020 spring/summer season for machine-pitch ages 5-8 yrs.  It was a painful decision, but for ages 5-8 it would be extremely difficult to follow social distancing guidelines. If we see improvements or changes in the Covid-19 pandemic we plan on hosting a fall baseball season.

    Machine-pitch levels do not need to complete the survey listed above. You will receive a refund of your registration fees.


    We need to work with Sports Engine to process the refunds for all machine-pitch players as well as any kid-pitch players that are requesting a cancellation. Please be patient. We hope to have these complete by 7/1.

    Here are the CDC guidelines for the return of youth sports.  Please review.

    MN Health Department:

    2020 Registration Closed

    Registration is closed for kid pitch (9-12) and machine pitch (5-8) levels.  If you questions please email Or check out FAQ page here


    Evaluations Cancelled

    After discussions with our board members and in line with Little League International recommendations, we are canceling player evaluations on March 14-15 and March 21.

    Player evaluations are just one element of creating our teams for the 2020 season. Coach feedback from the end of the previous season is often more reflective of a player's ability, and we are confident we can build balanced regular season teams based on that information. All registered players will be placed on teams, including players who are new to the league and may not have 2019 end-of-season feedback.

    We will collect volunteer deposit checks at a later date when distributing uniforms.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this rapidly changing situation. We will continue to follow the guidelines set by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Minnesota Department of Public Health, Hennepin County, and St. Louis Park Public Schools.

    Please watch for further updates over the next few weeks.

    July Tournament Results in 2019

    12 Year Old All Stars-2nd Place in District Tournament

    11 Year Old All Stars-2nd Place in District Tournament Advancing to State

    10 Year Old All Stars-2nd Place in District Tournament Advancing to State

    9 Year Old All Stars-3rd Place in Crystal Tournament

    11 Year Old SLP Black Select 1st Place in Memorial Cup

    11 Year Old SLP Orange Select 3rd Place in Memorial Cup

    10 Year Old SLP Orange Select 3rd Place in Memorial Cup


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