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    Little League

    July Play Teams

    With the regular season tournaments wrapping up today we're excited to announce the teams for July play.  All players who responded to the survey as available have been placed on a team.  Please review the teams closely as some players have been selected to play on teams in an older age group.  Coaching positions are listed to the right of the player name.  Congrats to all on a great in-house season and best of luck in July!

    12 Select Black   12 Select Orange        
    Kyler Althoff     Charlie Berg          
    Isaac Carlson HC   William Check HC        
    Brayden Falness     Gary Cooper          
    Casey Fladager     Smith Durkin-Vozhdayev          
    Ben Jermeland     Hal Gage          
    Damian Kessler AC   Wyatt Goodman          
    Max Klawitter     Billy Haines          
    George Klawitter     Ryan Haines          
    Jacob LaPoint AC   Finley Keogh AC        
    Truman Lee     Mason Knuth          
    Sullivan Murphey     Jack Maliszewski AC        
    Isaac Rose     Cy Nahas          
    Luke Shepherd     Hudson Polan          
    John Turcotte     Luke Ritchie          
    11 All-Stars   11 Select         
    Renner Andersen     Cory Batteen          
    Emmett Anklam     Tommy Bebler          
    Matthias Blissett AC   Nate Benson          
    Eli Garrett     Shane Fitzpatrick          
    Bodhi Hayne     Will Gjersvik          
    Jake Horovitz     Henry Hurtig          
    Sam Idelkope     Kallen Iverson          
    Jack Kerfoot     Yassani Mady-whittle          
    Sam Magras     Brandon Mutchler          
    Joshua Martenson HC   Caden Piehowski AC        
    Miles Rickord     Max Ridgway          
    Ethan Schulman     Ben Skaare HC        
    Peter Slattengren     Jackson Thoen          
    Jack Tate                  
    10 All-Stars   10 Select Black   10 Select Orange
    Luvanda Anderson     Charlie Aanenson     Bradley Andrews  
    Evan Barth HC   Samuel Ben Avraham AC   Desmond Cashman AC
    Jones Broxey AC   Everett Edstrom     George Fruechte  
    Cameron Dvoracek     Cooper Glaeseman AC   Win Gage  
    Jack Groben     Teddy Karst     Aaron Gips  
    Olan Gryniewski     Raphael Maruani     Luke Herkenhoff AC
    Cameron Howell     Max Miller     Bennett Kirkpatrick HC
    Axel Meyer     Beckham Olson     Michael Landers Jr.  
    Grady Newhall AC   Ben Rich     Jacob Little  
    Owen Riggs AC   Ike Rogers AC   Isidore Mollick AC
    Eddie Scheraldi     Sam Rogers     Johnny Otterlei  
    Luke Tharp     Anthony Stanko     Gavin Rabine  
    Layton Wold     Erik Thompson     Cooper Taney  
            Cole Whittington HC   Lewis Western  
    9 All-Stars   9 Select        
    Colin Gibb     Gavin Ankeny          
    Aedan Ginnis AC   Otto Blaseg AC        
    Jameson La Barbera HC   Crosby Denham          
    Cullen McCambridge     Finn Fossey          
    Cole Megal HC   Theodore Glaeseman          
    Ryan Mulqueen AC   Sam Haag AC        
    Ryan Ochmanek     Conor Hatten          
    Brayden Osei     Paul Heider          
    Clifton (CJ) Sumpter, III     Easton Kramer          
    Tyler Tate     Flynn Morrow          
    Lucas Thoen     Matthew Oleisky HC        
    Sullivan Vanderpoel     Aiden Plaisance          
    Henry Venable     Everett Sackman          
            Henry Taylor          

    Majors Champions and 12 Year Old All Stars

    "World Champions of the World"

    Congratulations to Advantage Scaffold & Ladders for winning the Majors tournament championship game today over Copperwing! Advantage will represent SLPLL in the Classic Tournament next week in Golden Valley.

    Copperwing (second place) and Invstly (third place) will head to the Firecracker Tournament in Coon Rapids. Congrats to both teams as well!

    Resiliency and Health Institute and Kenwood Pet Clinic will play in the Raspberry Tournament in Hopkins and Dream Team at Supreme Lending will play in the Slugfest in Blaine.

    This was a very competitive Majors season--way to go all teams and players!

    We are also pleased to announce the 12 year old All Star Team. These players will compete in the Little League District Tournament beginning in July. The remaining post season teams will be announced following the completion of AAA and AA in-house tournaments next weekend.


    12 Year Old All Stars


    Nolan Bilden


    Tate Carlson-Anaker


    Caden Coulter


    Bishop Froehle


    Logan Hass


    James Newton


    Will Offenhauser


    Ben Rasmussen


    Finn Rider


    Caleb Schwab


    Anthony Taybior


    Will Venable


    Rio Versalles


    Picture Ordering Info

    All Sport Photography will be taking team/individual pictures 

    on Sunday May 15.  Please bring your bat and fielding glove. Players should be in sneakers, not slides.

    We'd like to offer you free shipping on your order by opting

    in now (minimum order of $35 required) by purchasing an

    Advance Pay credit. It is similar to a gift card and is attached

    to your phone number you provide. You can take advantage

    of this offer through picture day. Once the job goes live, the

    Advance Pay offer ends. Your credit does not expire.

    From Your Cell Phone...

    you can text to the # 90738.

    In the memo, put  SLPLL22

    Follow directions for Advance Pay

    To view/order, you can also use your computer once the job goes live.

    From Your Computer...   (Copy/Paste)

    Code is SLPLL22


    You have control of cropping and adding names etc. The PRO designation

    uses the borders (templates) on the prints. If you do want the PRO prints,

    leave a little more room when cropping.

    If you would like retouching, please email (below) us BEFORE the order is placed.

    There is an additional cost, and depends on severity.

    BUDDY pictures will be permitted for friends, only if parents agree...siblings can do


    Please place orders within 2 weeks from photo date.

    Feel free to email us at


    2022 Machine Pitch Teams

    Coaches are listed to the right of the player name.  HC = Head Coach.  AC = Assistant Coach.


    Sports Cards and Memorabilia
    2nd Swing Sluggers     Glisten
    Oliver Aanenson HC   Neal Gibb     Dion Agosto Crego  
    Brooks Capizzi AC   Ernest Jaqua     Tanner Christian  
    Beckett Falness     Robbie Kelly AC   Bellamy Coffman AC
    Greyson Foster     Maxwell Keogh AC   Benny Falck  
    Rowan Gavin     Charlie Kerfoot     Edward Grant  
    Jace Higgins     Beau Kuykendall     Miles Haag AC
    Asher  Karasov  AC   Michael  Odden     Garrett Naylor  
    Will Keymer AC   Judson Otterlei AC   Benjamin Nevinski AC
    Eli Kurtzon     Theodore Peters     Noah Pavlik HC
    Eddie  Laing     Frankie Jaqua     Liam Rabine  
    Rohr Strauss     Andrew Wermerskirchen  HC   Stoxen Schauer  
    Asa Ulstad-Volk AC   Auden Zabler AC   Calvin Thoen AC
    Benjamin Morley                  
    Hatzung Insurance   Dick's Sporting Goods   REM5 VR Lab
    Owen Baumtrog      Walter Angel AC   Ace Aul AC
    Lucas Burgart     Joey Collins     Benjamin Bjork  
    Quinn Dvoracek AC   Georgia Davis     Fitz Broxey AC
    William Fink     river  dolan     Charles Dill  
    Desmond Fink AC   Jude Exsted     Herbie  Gadea-Daub  
    Finn Ginnis HC   Rory Gallagher     Clyde Hussong  
    Seth Hillger AC   Sam Haight AC   Soren Lind-Ayres AC
    Charlie Klevay     Samuel Kraemer AC   Grant Newburn AC
    Teddy Kosowicz     Henrik Magnuson     boden newhall HC
    Colin Lunieski     Henrik Meyer     Jacob Starr  
    Rorke Ridgway     Benjamin Moran HC   William Starr  
    Paxton Vanderpoel AC   Deuce Richardson     Charles Younger  
    Luke Wilde     Jacob Roby     James Connelley  
    SLP Football   The Humble Goat   The Webb Group
    Bauer Blumer     Walter  Anderson AC   Gabriel Hagen HC
    Benjamin Groppoli     Theodore Stern     Jack Harting  
    Elise Gryniewski AC   Brooks Brown     Yonatan Olitzky  
    Eli Idelkope AC   Matthew Gilbertson     Cooper Janssen AC
    Luke Klein AC   Thomas Gourde AC   Sollie Jurisz AC
    Rufus Korman     Patrick Hayes HC   Noah Langer AC
    Dale Martin     Oliver Schmid     Owen LaPoint AC
    Finnegan Rath     Reid Locken      Jamie  Polster  
    Henry Reed     Judah Peterson     Elvis Richardson Baldwin  
    Jackson  Rhodes     Simon Richman     Mican Shorter  
    Gus Schlude     Linus Schmidt AC   Henry Sternberg  
    Cole Schoeff     Leo Vanderheyden AC   Jack  Zyvoloski  
    Abraham Ullsperger HC   Connor Zipoy     Luke Reierson  
    West End Chiropractic   Westside Volkswagen    
    Gavin Cabuay     Paul Davis AC        
    Parker Donahue AC   Clayton Gerken          
    Otis Hanson     Garrett Gisslen          
    Wesley Healy AC   Sebastian Goudreau          
    Edward Hoag AC   Beckett Hangebrauck          
    Cameron Kirkpatrick HC   Ethan Ingle AC        
    Desmond Carroll     Everett Koepke AC        
    Burton Newman     Connor Mcnamara          
    Soren Onan     Calvin Moehrle AC        
    Luca Percic AC   Brady Ochmanek HC        
    Kaiden Rognrud     James Petrie          
    Cormac Wersal     Joshua Reed          
    Patrick Carroll                  
    All Sport Photography   Mint Orthodontics   Jobbers
    Samuel Cooper     Harvey Kummer   Rio Jilek  
    Christopher Egan     Leo Kolpashchikov AC   William  Eggers  
    Jamie Klefsaas AC   Everett Onan     Stephen Homstad  
    Aubreana  Kriech AC   Rocco Palmisano HC   Ben  Kaiyalethe   
    Alessandro Sacin     Ralph Sternberg     Dean Swenson HC
    Cam  Settingsgard HC   Asa Sudit     Henry Guntli AC
    Adrian Bautch     Arthur Coleman AC   Jack Testa  
                    Lydia Homstad  
    JonnyPops   Leaning Post   McCoy
    Charles Butler     Rhett Brunner     Luke Brust  
    Harrison Carda AC   Addison DeRasmi AC   Maya Capizzi AC
    Haze Teasdale     Alfie Jaqua     Junot Groth  
    Maxwell Healy AC   Yisroel Kutoff AC   Avi Markowitz   
    Tony LaValle HC   Calvin Richards     Luke Mulqueen AC
    Evan Mcnamara     Owen Buckneberg HC   Gabriel  Omot  
    Noah Saltzstein     Wyatt Zipoy     George Welsh HC
    Miracle Mile   Nordic Ware   SLP Rotary Noon Club
    Oscar Acioli Colwell AC   Kai  Batteen AC   Easton Bohl  
    Lachlan Cabuay     Jacob Carpenter     Lance Christian  
    Graham Fox-Vandergon AC   Jonathan Dobberke HC   Henry Davis  
    Kavan La Barbera HC   Caleb Dybdahl     Sebastian Mollick AC
    Corey Thompson     Otis Oelke     Henry Schilz AC
    Julius Tran     Mey Mey Russell     Gabriel Vatsaas HC
    Charlie Woods     Stetson Smith     Cooper Warren  
            Charlie Copa AC        
    Zambezi Biltong                
    Bennett Clutter                  
    Teddy Fuchs                  
    Hayes Murphey HC                
    Myles Murphey                  
    Gibson Myrum AC                
    Calum Newhall                   
    Brycen Osei                  
    Fletcher Caskey AC                



    2022 Kid Pitch Teams

    Coaches are listed to the right of the player name.  HC = Head Coach.  AC = Assistant Coach.

    Note - Coaches, you will receive a communication early next week with roster contact information.

    Advantage Scaffold & Ladders   Copperwing   Dream Team Mortgage
    Renner Andersen AC   Isaac Carlson HC   Kyler Althoff  
    Finn Driver AC   Tate Carlson-Anacker AC   Emmett Anklam AC
    Smith Durkin-Vozhdayev     Ryan Cavanaugh     William Check HC
    Hudson Elliot   Casey Fladager     Caden Coulter AC
    Bishop Froehle     Sam Idelkope AC   Ben Jermeland  
    Cameron Hagen     Samuel Jancik     Jack Maliszewski AC
    Bodhi Hayne     Truman Lee     Sullivan Murphey  
    Sullivan Hogan     William Offenhauser     Cy Nahas  
    Mason Knuth     Gunnar Peterson     Isaac Rose  
    Owen McCoy HC   Benjamin Rasmussen AC   Luke Shepherd  
    Griffin Prevost AC   Luke Ritchie     Eli Stangl AC
    Finn Rider     Peter Slattengren AC   Anthony Taybior  
    INVSTLY   Kenwood Pet Clinic   Resiliency and Health Institute
    Matthias Blissett AC   Vaughn Albright AC   Charlie Berg AC
    Brayden Falness     River Anderson     Nolan Bilden  
    Hal Gage AC   Cullen Gerken     Finn Hedden  
    Eli Garrett      Wyatt Goodman     Frank Hedden  
    Logan Hass     Noah Lewis     Finley  Keogh AC
    Owen Johnston AC   Judah Lissauer     Tom Marsalek  
    Max Klawitter     James Newton HC   Joshua Martenson HC
    Damian Martinez Salazar     Wyatt Schmale     Avi Nieves  
    Espen Mollet     Ethan Schulman     Miles Rickord  
    Will Pieper     Jack Tate AC   Caleb Schwab  
    William Venable HC   Rio Versalles AC   John Turcotte  
    Arnie Yarosh     Ethan Woods     Tyler Watson AC
    Apple Automatic   Dick's Sporting Goods   Miracle Mile
    Charlie Aanenson AC   George Fruechte     Everett Bracken  
    Tayhon Colvin     Win Gage     Cameron Dvoracek AC
    Riley Edwards-Ortega     Olan Gryniewski AC   Aaron Gips  
    Henry Fruin     Kallen Iverson AC   Cooper Glaeseman  AC
    Jake Horovitz     Jack  Kerfoot HC   Jack Groben AC
    Milo Johnson     Samuel Magras AC   Henry Hurtig  
    Michael Landers Jr.     Max Miller     Damian Kessler AC
    Jacob Little     Alexander Ostby     George Klawitter  
    Caden Piehowski     Gavin Rabine     Yassani Mady-Whittle  
    Edward Scheraldi AC   Benjamin Rich     Nolan McCabe  
    Cooper Taney     Max Ridgway     Grady  Newhall HC
    Luke Tharp HC   Emery Stair AC   Johnny Otterlei  
    Jackson Thoen     Anthony Stanko     Lewis Western  
            Layton Wold          
    Park Tavern   The HōM Group   TJ Twins
    Luvanda Anderson AC   Gavin Anderson     Bradley Andrews  
    Ethan  Barrett      Akiva Bitterman     Cory Batteen  
    Evan Barth HC   Jones Broxey HC   Bennett Falness  
    Theodore Cherne AC   Michael  Cavanaugh     Shane Fitzpatrick  
    Rory Hanson     Gary  Cooper     Will Gjersvik  
    Grayson Jennings AC   Trenton Cooper     Ryan Haines AC
    Simon Larson     Naftali  Daitchman  AC   Billy Haines AC
    Brandon A. Mutchler     Luke Herkenhoff AC   Cameron Howell  
    Beckham Olson     William Leicher     Ethan Jennings AC
    Jonah Pladson AC   Tristan Offerdahl     Lincoln Johnson  
    Hudson Polan     Griffin Seitz AC   Axel Meyer HC
    Mason Starwalt     Charlie Watson     Asher Rothstein  
    Noah Zondervan             Erik Thompson AC
                    Cole Whittington AC
    WB Family Law                
    Thomas Bebler                  
    Samuel Ben Avraham                  
    Walter Boeke                  
    Everett Edstrom                  
    Griffin Hogan                  
    Theodore Karst                  
    Bennett Kirkpatrick HC                
    Jacob LaPoint AC                
    Raphael  Maruani                   
    Clinton Richards                  
    Owen Riggs AC                
    Benjamin Skaare AC                
    Daniel Wermerskirchen                  
    Lerum Automotive   Oak Knoll Animal Hospital        
    Liam Asp HC   Noah Altman          
    Geonni Benitez     Jonah Beckmann AC        
    Yisroel Flinkenstein     Crosby Denham          
    Colin Gibb AC   Rory Fruin          
    Samuel Haag     Aedan Ginnis AC        
    Conor Hatten     Theodore  Glaeseman  AC        
    Peter Klein     Jameson La Barbera HC        
    Beckett Mielke AC   Ryan Mulqueen AC        
    Matthew Oleisky AC   Isaac Nelson          
    Sean Rath     Sam Rogers          
    Clifton  Sumpter, III     Ike Rogers          
    Henry Taylor     Everett Sackman          
    Lucas Thoen AC   Sullivan Vanderpoel AC        
    Christian Vanderheyden AC                
    St. Mane Sporting Goods   State Farm        
    Elliot Anderson AC   Gavin Ankeny          
    Otto Blaseg AC   Desmond Cashman AC        
    Yossi Borenstein     Benjamin Dering AC        
    Leo Heisick     Finn Fossey          
    Cullen Mccambridge     Wyatt  Heaney          
    Cole  Megal HC   Paul Heider          
    Isidore Mollick AC   Easton Kramer AC        
    Flynn  Morrow     Peter Ludwig          
    Ryan Ochmanek     Brayden Osei          
    Jaxon Opland     Aiden Plaisance          
    Simon Rothstein     Gram Richardson Blackwell        
    Ezra Rubin     Tyler Tate AC        
    Grady Sedey AC   Henry Venable HC        
    Noah Woods                  

    2022 Registration is Closed

    Teams have been formed and registration is closed for the 2022 season.  Registration for 2023 opens on Jan 1.  Email for information.


    MacStrength cultivates growth and success for baseball players of all ages

    We wanted to put out some positive energy for the MacStrength Tribe. 
First, to our Athletes:

You have put in months and months of hard work towards your developmental and performance goals. This uncertain delay is stressful for everyone, relax and take our word for it that you will not lose everything you worked for in just a few weeks off. Nobody ever forgot how to play sports in only a month. Use this time to expand your horizons. Learn a new skill. Read a book. Spend time with your family.  Embrace the stillness and be confident in the work you put in and that you will be ready when the time comes. We will be here to help you get on track when baseball gets rolling again.  In the meantime, if you need ANYTHING you can reach out to Mac, Zach, or Matt anytime and we will be happy to talk with you.  We will also continue sending out some things you can do on your own to keep sharp. 
Next, to the Parents:

We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has reached out with words

    Aaron McEachran (Mac) owner of MacStrength is a St. Louis Park grad and elected member of the High School's athletic hall of fame.  A standout career at the University of Northern Iowa and a 2001 Toronto Blue Jays draft, Mac is now helping kids develop their skills.   

    MacStrenght is now offering fall baseball and training opportunities.   

    For details visit: 


    If you are not receiving emails from SLP Little League please click here

    St Louis Park Little League on Facebook