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    Little League

    2018 St Louis Park Classic Teams

    The last two seasons we’ve offered tournament play for 4 to 6 Classic Tournament Teams. This year we have the player interest for 4 teams but lack the commitment of parent coaches to adequately field teams for a tournament. However, we are working on additional programming in partnership with Game Plan Academy (aka Twin Cities Coaches) to offer clinics and structured scrimmages / games to keep all interested playing in July.

    More information and details will be posted and emailed to you shortly if your player is listed below. If you are interested in coaching or your player is in Minors AA or higher and is not listed below and would like keep playing please let us know ASAP.

    Classic - Final Teams TBD

    Mira Halverson Logan Peterson Jacob Skelly Austin Larson
    Milo Trebnick Chase Peterson Noah Margolis John Forrest
    Pete Jacobs Mayia Uditsky James Benjamin Jolly JJ Keating
    Aidan Hainey Theo McGuire Oscar Peter John (Jack) Wade
    Noah Gips Anders Logan Alex Johnson Aaron Tix
    Cammeren Stachovich Teagan Goodermont Graham Baker Ben Larson
    Lathan Harmston Bren Mink Mason Thomley CORRIGAN DONNER
    Porter Kasak Liam Poehland Oliver Culp Keira Karrer
    Carson Seibert Lev Bader Preston McGregor Aiden Blumenfield
    Micah King Samuel Przezdziecki Sullivan Russell Maximus Foreman
    Leo Miller      

    2018 St Louis Park All Star Teams


    12 Year Old All-Star

    11 Year Old All-Star

    10 Year Old All-Star

    9 Year Old All-Star

    Aaron Bilden

    Poul Andersen

    Dominic Barth

    Isaac Berquist

    Silas Cowell

    Eli Charney

    Miles Blissett

    Hudson Bohl

    Declan Gaines

    Nathan Dvorak

    Martin Hirte

    Colin Faust

    Andrew Hoenie

    Kellen Haller

    Miles Jungroth

    Henry Fenlon

    Alexander Hokenson

    Tanner Halley

    Theodore McCarren

    Griffin Hanson

    Bryson Huntley

    Mason Helfmann

    Jaxson McDonnell

    Becker Hart

    Griffin Krone

    Jacob Martenson

    Logan O'Dea

    Cam Jackson

    Miles Marggraf

    Malik Martin

    Calvin Pflum

    Wes Marggraf

    Charlie Odens

    Ryan Moran

    Josh Rickord

    Nicholas Moran

    Franklin Sellner

    Nate Nowak

    Graham Riggs

    Benjamin Otos

    Will Sheehan

    Max Rider

    Isaac Schulman

    Jack Runyon

    Milo Sigelman

    John Sheehy

    Grayson Sivanich

    Phillip Sellner

    Graham Sullivan

    Ari Sigelman

    Zachary Stillman

    Nolan Wold


    Erik Hokenson – HC

    Tim Sellner – AC

    Mike Hoenie – AC


    Matt Moran – HC

    Mark Halley – AC

    Sam Sigelman – AC

    Nels Martenson - AC

    Poul Andersen - AC


    Kelly O’Dea – HC

    Chris Blissett – AC

    Troy Rickord – AC

    Rob Sivanich – AC

    Martin Stillman - AC


    Ryan Jackson – HC

    Steve Berquist – AC

    Steve Fenlon – AC

    Bob Wold - AC













    2018 St Louis Park Select Teams


    11/12 Select Black

    11/12 Select Orange

    11 Select Black

    11 Select Orange

    10 Select

    9 Select

    Milan Arado

    Dylan Austin

    Dominic Bollettieri

    Jackson Croom

    Liam Cowley

    Andrew Aunan

    Ronan Guevara

    Nolan Crump

    Patrick Burns

    Mikey  Dahlin

    Charles Gillette

    Jacob Berry

    Noam Halpern

    James Dwyer

    William Carpenter

    Cole Denham

    Gabriel Goitom

    Nikolai Case

    Hank Heiland

    Alek Ebert

    craben castro

    Tyler Eoff

    Grant Haggerty

    Tyler Fahlin

    Solomon Lissauer

    William Fenlon

    Keon Conely

    John Gleason

    Parker Jirik

    Ethan Forstrom-Courtot

    Hayden Long

    Tegan Goodman

    Noah Fruechte

    Trey Janssen

    Kaden Kimes

    Eli Koch

    Joshua Marckel

    Lucas Johnson

    Casey Howard

    Owen Mccolgan

    Marco Munoz

    Louden McCoid

    Patrick Meyer

    Zachary Nevinski

    Jacob Iverson

    Jack Mobley

    Jacob Natzel

    Braden Neudecker

    Olyn Raleigh

    Kellen O'Brien

    Jason Kraft

    Jack Ortale

    Caden O'Brien

    Lincoln Page

    Jack Betzer

    Jack Leisen-Whelan

    Luke Marsalek

    Dane Robeck

    Ryan Oleisky

    Luca Poehland

    Tegan Brooks

    Jacob Balcos

    Charlie Rostal

    Beckett Snook

    Jonah Schwab

    Henry Roe

    Micah Curtis

    Caedon Exsted

    Sam Schlegelmilch

    Samuel Tolzin

    Kellen Shanahan

    Finnegan Shepherd

    Marley Curtis

    Noah Turek

    Deuce Serrano

    Adam Guenzel

    Owen Twedten

    Noah Tumpane


    Greg Meyer – HC

    Tracey Brooks – AC

    Mark Betzer – AC

    Javier Guevara - AC


    Marc Nevinski – HC

    Mitch Austin – AC

    Dan Goodman – AC

    Nik Ebert - AC


    Joe Bollettierie – HC

    Steve Iverson – AC

    Larry Kraft – AC

    David Serrano – AC

    Burns – AC


    Brian Ortale – HC

    John Gleason – AC

    Scott Mobley – AC

    Aaron Leisen – AC

    Snook - AC


    Bob Oleisky – HC

    Joe Cowley – AC

    Adam Gillette – AC

    Mike Haggerty – AC

    Hazzen Munoz – AC

    Kelly Shanahan - AC

    Nolan Carr

    Andy Aunan – HC

    Scott Berry – AC
    Scott Roe – AC

    Steve Shepherd – AC

    Mike Tumpane - AC

    Jeremy Carr - AC

    Friday Night Development Sessions with Twin Cities Coaches

    We are continuing our partnership with Twin Cities Coaches (TCC) enhance player development. TCC will be providing team based instruction to our AAA and AA teams on Fridays throughout the season. Teams will be scheduled for specific instruction on Hitting and Fielding.

    These small group sessions will allow the staff of TCC to work closely with players on skill-specific training. This setting will also help our coaches learn new drills and techniques they can take back to their regular practices.

    Players should wear practice appropriate clothing and have all of their regular baseball equipment (glove, bat, helmet, etc…). Please ensure your player arrives 10-15 prior to their scheduled time to ensure each sessions starts on time.

    Friday 6/29



    6:00 PM - 7:15 PM



    Kenwood Pet Clinic



    Mint Ortho


    7:15 PM - 8:30 PM



    Nelson Meats



    Deer Creek Turf


    St Louis Park Little League

    2018 Little League Bat Standard Change

    Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard will be implemented. Little League-approved baseball bats that are approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018.


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